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Miscellaneous quotes from current reads or past faves, as well as to-reads culled from friends' recommendations, blogs, podcasts, etc. A running answer to the question: "What're you reading?"

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The Dante Club
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The Famished Road
Ben Okri
Kingdom Come
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The City and the City
China Miéville
Open City: A Novel
Teju Cole
The Slippage: A Novel
Ben Greenman
Please Step Back
Ben Greenman
Blindness / Seeing
José Saramago, Giovanni Pontiero (Translator), Margaret Jull Costa (Translator)
""He saw something small and dark just off the riverbank, something that seemed to give off heat although the water was cold. He reached for it and the vision burst, and though he shut his eyes and burrowed deeper into the blankets and the sheets he could not bring it back. Finally he stopped trying with his mind and started trying with his mouth. 'Walking by the river,' he sang, 'feeling all alone. I don't have a single thing to call my very own.' And suddenly, he did.""
Please Step Back - Ben Greenman

Page 8 of Please Step Back by Ben Greenman. Last few lines of the first section: "Fade In."