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The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles Series #1)

The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss Being the only one among my friends, acquaintances or all those I see posting online who cannot get into the George R.R. Martin books - and believe me I have _tried_ (though only via audiobook so I will try one more time with a hard copy from the library one of these days) - I decided to check out this book long ago recommended to me by a Facebook friend after I posted a request for something good to read.I listened to the audiobook version and then halfway through bought the book and read along in parts when I didn't have my ipod. [Aside: I discovered sometime ago that there is such a distinctly different quality to the experience of the written and audio versions of the same story. No universal judgment can be assigned imho either way, but there is definitely a qualitative difference - I pick up on different things and enjoy (or not) the story in different ways. I also am tickled when I find that character/place names are nothing like I imagined them to be.]Rothfuss has created a world that is rich with fully formed characters and the main character, in particular, despite being fairly stereotypical in some ways (the classic hero clawing his way up from tragedy) he draws you in and is ultimately too complex a character to be burdened with being a stereotype. The same can be said of his supporting cast. Their motivations and interactions with him are often predictable but never boring and always richly detailed, elaborately described and deeply integral to the gradually evolving plotline.And that's the main thing that I loved so much about this book which is part of a series that I intend to continue reading, namely that the story builds up gradually, layer by layer. I don't want to give anything away so I won't say too much about the how or the specifics but I really liked the almost rhythmic cadence of the story's progression. And given that music plays a huge role in the story itself, it's not small wonder that I apply this metaphor to it.