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Glimmering - Elizabeth Hand I will probably just return this to the library unfinished - I've gotten to the stage of jumping ahead and looking for the part where it starts to make sense. The beautiful, almost magical writing that Hand exhibited in her collection of short stories is nowhere to be found in this story (or rather I haven't found it so far). Granted it Glimmering is meant to be more of a cyberpunk sort of tale, but this doesn't explain prose that is choppy, a plot that is dysfunctional and characters that I simply can't connect with from page one. Not to mention that one of the scenes I jumped ahead to was the sort of sex scene that makes one wonder why anyone would bother in the first place.But, I won't give up on her just yet - the short stories were simply too compelling, I am hoping that one of her other books is better crafted. I truly wasn't expecting to dislike it this much or even to write such a scathing review!